Accepting a Worker Invitation to Register with GoContractor by Email

As a worker, before you can complete a safety orientation or induction, you must register an account with GoContractor.


Your invitation to work on a project's qualifications will either be emailed to you or texted to you by an administrator. In this article, you can review the process for accepting a worker invitation by email.

To learn more about how to accept a worker invitation by phone, check out Accepting a Worker Invitation to Register with GoContractor by Phone!

Some key things to keep in mind:

  • Pending invitations are only good for 28 days from the date it was sent. 
  • Invitation links only need to be used once. Once you are signed up. simply log in at and select the qualifications you need to complete.
  • If you have requirements from multiple projects. You can click the drop-down next to the support chat icon and go to "My Invitations" to switch between projects based on your access.
  • You need only accept one invitation, which will have been sent to you either by email or phone. You will not be sent an invitation by both.

How to Accept a Worker Invitation to Register with GoContractor by Email

1. Open the email from GoContractor with the subject line "IMPORTANT: Complete your site orientation qualifications," then click "Accept Invitation and Register"




2. Input First and Last Name, then create and confirm a password



3. Check the boxes to agree with the General Data Protection Regulation and to accept the GoContractor End User Agreement




4. Click "Sign Up"



5. Complete your profile (optional)




6. Click "Get Started"



7. Click "Accept" to accept the Data Protection Policy





If you have questions or need help email us at


Thank you!