Do I need a code to access GoContractor?

Admins may decide to use codes to invite subcontractors and workers. Only admins can hand out codes so speak to your admin about whether you need one.

What is an invitation code?

An invitation code is a unique code generated by a general contractor administrator or project administrator.

It can be used by subcontractors and workers to gain access to specific training related to a specific company or project. 

Each code will be unique to the company you are working for and/or the project you are working on. 

Where can I find my code? 

Codes are provided to workers by their admins so that workers can register for a project’s qualifications. 

Looking for a code? Reach out to your admin to get the right code for you. GoContractor support are unable to provide codes to workers. 

Using Codes

Codes DO NOT EXPIRE. If your code is not working please check it is correct with your admin.

(1) If you have an existing GoContractor Account - follow these steps: 

How do I use a code on a web browser?

1. Open a web browser, go to,

2. Log in to GoContractor.

3. This will take you to a screen showing all of your invitations.

4. Enter your invitation code in the box titled 'Invitation Code'

5. Click 'Add'

*(This adds the new project to your profile.)

How do I use a code on the GoContractor Mobile app?

1. Open the GoContractor App.

2. Log in.

3. This will take you to a screen showing all of your invitations.

4. Scroll to section titled "Have a code?"

5. Enter your invitation code.

6. Click 'Confirm' (This adds the project to your profile.)


(2) Don't have an account with GoContractor? Follow these steps: 

1. Open a web browser

2. Or open the GoContractor Connect App

3. Select 'I HAVE A CODE'. 

4. Enter in the code.

5. It will bring you to the training you must complete. 




If you received an email invitation to join GoContractor, you won't need an invitation code. Your access to the project's qualifications will be automatically granted. Create an account with GoContractor to see your invitations or log in if you are an existing user. 



CIF Code

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