How do I add new projects to my worker profile?

Got invited to a new project but can't find it? Don't forget to add it to your profile.

Workers have to manually add new projects to their profile. Click 'Add More' on a worker profile to add a new project.


As an existing worker who has already worked on a project in GoContractor, you may be invited to work on additional projects.

Your administrator will notify you of a new project you've been given access to via email.

This email will prompt you to log into your GoContractor account.

However, you may notice that the new project isn't appearing on your profile.

This is because while you administrator has given you access to the new project, you still need to add the new project to your profile in order to view and access it.

How to Add a New Project to Your Worker Profile

1. Click the envelope icon in the top right corner (when you hover your cursor over it, it will say 'My Invitations'

2. Find the invite and click 'Continue' (This takes you to your worker profile)

3. Click 'Add More'

4. Select the new project

5. Click 'Next' (This takes you back to your worker profile, where you will now see the new project displayed along with its qualifications)


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