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How do I check-in on GoContractor?

If the check-in feature is enabled, workers can use the GoContractor Connect App or the desktop app to check-in to site.


As a worker you must be fully qualified to check-in. Please check your qualification status and if there are any unfinished tasks please complete them. 

Check-in On GoContractor Connect App

Workers can use the GoContractor GoContractor Connect app to check themselves in and out of site.

  1. Log in to the GoContractor Connect app
  2. On the profile screen (second icon from the left on the bottom menu)
  3. Select 'Check-In'


4. Input how many hours and minutes is the estimated time on site.  

5. Select 'confirm'



6. Need more time on site? Update the estimated check out time at any stage. 


9. To checkout, select 'Check Out'


Questions? Email support@gocontractor.com


Thank you!