What browser / devices to use for GoContractor?

As a user of GoContractor it is important you are on the latest browser version.  You must have a stable internet connection and not use a device currently logged in to another user's account.


Below is a list of support browsers and recommended devices.


- Chrome - Recommended

- Firefox

- Microsoft Edge



- Desktop/ Laptop

- iPhones (iOS 12.x.x or higher) - App Only

- Android (10.x or higher) - App Only



Best Device and Browser for Orientation

- For Orientations/Inductions, we recommend a Laptop, desktop on Chrome or you may download the GoContractor Connect App:

Download App

Apple App store      |           Google Play Store


Best Devices & Browser for Administration

We recommend you use a Laptop or desktop device on chrome for all administrative functions when possible.

You may use other browsers if Chrome is not available but administrative features will be difficult to use on a mobile device.

**Mobile app is for worker orientations only.


Questions? Email support@gocontractor.com


Thank you!